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No Yes metal sticker mailbox Brass vintage (Netherlands)

No Yes metal sticker mailbox Brass vintage (Netherlands)

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Give your mailbox a touch of class with our Brass Heritage No Yes metal sticker. This special variant combines the warm character of brass with a subtle vintage finish, indicating your willingness to welcome door-to-door newspapers while politely rejecting unaddressed advertising mail.

- Timeless Brass Appearance: The 100% brass label exudes a unique charm, enriched with a refined, vintage finish for an authentic look.
- Weather Resistant: With a durable lacquer coating, this sticker remains resilient against various weather conditions.
- High-Quality Brass Material: Flexible and top-quality, brass provides a timeless look with a hint of history.


Easy attachment

The sticker is easy to attach thanks to the convenient adhesive strip on the back. Remove the protective film, place the sticker on a clean surface, and press firmly for lasting adhesion.



"NO - No unaddressed advertising mail, YES - Door-to-door newspapers are welcome" communicates your preferences clearly and adds a touch of history to your entrance.

Check out our other metal mailbox stickers for the perfect match for your door and mailbox. Upgrade your outdoor space with the Brass Heritage No Yes Metal Sticker and give your mailbox a timeless, characterful appearance.
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