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Metal Labels in 4 Materials

  • Availabale in different materials and sizes
  • Mostly used as a sticker
  • Embossed
  • Available in different finishes
  • Tin is the most popular material. Especially when it comes to a vintage look. To create a vintage look we polish every single metal label.
  • Tin label is the most thick one with 0.16 mm.
  • Tin is flexible, soft and easy to use on curved surfaces without a stronger glue.
  • We recomend tin if you want to go for a vintage look. The glossy variant (or glossy together with printing) looks the same as aluminium. Aluminium is a slightly more affordable variant and has the same look without a finish.

European production

Hand made quality product

Headquarter in Amsterdam

Custom made

It's a craft

Schild metal labels are made my man and woman. By hand, together with modern machinery.
You want to know our secret? We add our hart and soul to create a perfect looking and high quality product for big and small business owners. 

10-15 Steps to make a perfect label. See it yourself in our production movie.
3.44 min.  

Solicite un paquete de muestra para ver y sentir el producto.
sample stickers tin aluminium
Solicite un paquete de muestra para ver y sentir el producto.
Solicite un paquete de muestra para ver y sentir el producto.
sample stickers tin aluminium
Solicite un paquete de muestra para ver y sentir el producto.

Solicite un paquete de muestra para ver y sentir el producto.

Getting those is a great way to make sure our badges are handy and high-quality before making an order. 

  • 10 pieces of random metal labels
  • Different sizes and shapes
  • The price includes shipping and excluding VAT (when not exempt)

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This is the team. We stand for the quality of our product and the service. We have a transparant and helpfull mentality in our team. From this core we can be your reliable and inspiring partner.  

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Our Customers Reviews

Read their experiences with our exceptional products, outstanding service and overall great experience. Here are a few positive reviews from our satisfied customers.

We were very impressed with the high level of service we received from Schild Inc. 
The finished product was exactly what we hoped for and are very impressed by the level of detail achieved at a fair price. We look forward to working together again and would highly recommend to others.

Sophie B., Everything in Between 
United Kingdom 

The metal labels and the leather keychains we received from Schild Inc have a very good quality and the have a fast delivery!

Ronald van Rumpt
The Netherlands 

We are very satisfied with the end result of the beautiful shield. The high quality labels updgraded the display of our brand on our scooters. And they are very easy to apply.

Steven van W., Scootersmart  
The Netherlands 

More custom products

Next to our 1mm metal labels we have a few more custom products for you

3mm Metal Badges

Leather Keychains



A Day in Schild Inc Workshop: Exploring the Art of Label Making and Craftsmanship in Branding

Taller Un día en Schild Inc: Explorando el arte de la fabricación de etiquetas y la artesanía en la marca

Bienvenido a Schild Inc, donde la creatividad se une a la precisión en el mundo de la fabricación de etiquetas. Nuestro taller no es sólo un lugar de negocios; es un centro creativo donde el arte y la artesanía se unen para crear la magia de la marca. Hoy lo invitamos a ver entre bastidores cómo nuestro dedicado equipo hace realidad la visión de su marca.

Metal Labels: Enhancing Brand Identity Across Diverse Industries

Etiquetas metálicas: mejora de la identidad de marca en diversas industrias

En un mundo donde la identidad de marca puede hacer o deshacer un negocio, las sutilezas de cómo se presenta un producto pueden ser el factor decisivo entre el éxito y la oscuridad. Las etiquetas de metal, a menudo pasadas por alto, desempeñan un papel fundamental en este baile de marcas. Cada industria, desde el meticuloso arte de la carpintería hasta el dinámico mundo de las tiendas de bicicletas, el refinado reino de los cosméticos y el encanto rústico de los licores y los productos de madera, enfrenta desafíos y necesidades únicos.

Inside Schild Inc: The Art of Metal Label Manufacturing

Inside Schild Inc: El arte de la fabricación de etiquetas metálicas

At Schild Inc, we merge art with precision engineering to create metal labels that are not just identifiers, but icons of quality. Here’s a glimpse into the meticulous step-by-step process that underpins our reputation in metal label manufacturing and custom labels production.

The Metal Milestone: A Journey Through the History of Branding

El hito del metal: un viaje a través de la historia del branding

La marca, tal como la conocemos, ha evolucionado significativamente a lo largo de los siglos, pero su propósito principal se ha mantenido: establecer una identidad reconocible y significar propiedad. . El recorrido de la historia de las marcas es rico y variado, y el metal desempeña un papel fundamental desde la antigüedad hasta la era moderna.

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