Make Your Music Stand Out with Schild Inc. Premium Metal Labels!

Elevate your business with our metal labels, perfect for home accessories like candles, flower vases, and artworks. Not limited to standard items, they also complement custom-made furniture and kitchens. Our labels add a touch of luxury, enhancing the branding of your products.

What apearence do you choose?

At Schild Inc, we recognize the challenges of using plastic labels that fade and peel over time, detracting from the appearance of your products. That's why we are proud to provide luxurious, top-quality metal labels for music instrument. These durable labels maintain their elegance and professional look, standing the test of time.


Durable Material


Luxurious Aesthetic Appeal


Flexible sticker


Plastic decal

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Metal Label Schild

See where you can use it

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Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 20.28.48.png__PID:0d1b954c-b176-48ca-a5f7-a44d68867a23
Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 20.31.05.png__PID:b17678ca-25f7-444d-a886-7a2383630866Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 20.29.49.png__PID:954cb176-78ca-45f7-a44d-68867a238363

Price examples

Diameter25 mm
Price scaleTinAluminiumBrassCopper
100 pcs sample pack277277277277
250-499 pcs1,000,86*1,191,19
500-999 pcs0,530,46*0,630,63

Other sizes and higher volumes upon request. Higher order quantities will lead to significant lower prices. *The tin, copper and brass variants are based on patina vintage look finish. The aluminium variant is without finishing.

Entertainment - Music - percussion (2).jpg__PID:02eb98e0-6030-4fa3-ac61-1d5fcf9f0f1dScreenshot 2024-04-12 at 19.47.58.png__PID:3b03b3cf-0d1b-454c-b176-78ca25f7a44d
  • Prices per piece in euro (ex VAT) including design (two rounds of adjustments), mold, shipping.
  • Print colors or a vintage look print on aluminium +0.15 -0.30euro per piece.
  • No standard shape but a die cut the shape of your logo and with brass +40 euro (one time).
  • You want to add on a curved surface? Then: Brass and copper +20% than tin, due to stronger adhesive/stiffness of the material. It's already added to the prices in the examples. 
  • Outside use? Then we advise to add lacquer. +10%. It's already added to the prices in the examples. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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About our production. it's a craft.

The metal labels are handmade and unique. It is not a press on a button.  Their flexibility is making them a perfect fit for any bike or scooter model. Made from 100% tin, aluminum, brass, or copper.

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