Custom metal badges
Custom metal badges
Custom metal badges
Custom metal badges
Custom metal badges
Custom metal badges
Custom metal badges
Custom metal badges
Custom metal badges
Custom metal badges

Custom metal badges

Personalized 2/3mm hard metal badges. Not bendable. To screw on a nice product or apply as a sticker. They are made from a blend of materials such as zinc and alloy. We can achieve an aluminum, copper, tin, and brass appearance by plating the colors afterward. Die-cut and printing the label is an option. 
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Metal Badge 2mm or 3mm: Choose 3 Materials from partner

Select from stainless steel, brass, or aluminum for our metal badges, with options for 2mm or 3mm thickness. Crafted in collaboration with our Chinese partners, these badges promise durability and style for any use.

Zinc Alloy

Food & Drinks - zinc alloy.jpg__PID:27473585-5ab4-4e5b-b484-8b21be7c38f7

Silver colored hard badge with a sandblasted backgrond and smooth debossed part.


House & decoration - Interior.jpg__PID:288e087f-e09a-4520-b52c-ef66d6e39cf6

The golden color is possible as a smooth or sandblasted (or a combination of it). 


Copper 2-3mm pure natural stone.jpg__PID:8e087fe0-9a05-40f5-acef-66d6e39cf619

In this exemple of a smooth cooper badge the text is debossed. Embossing is also possible.  Sandblasted or a combination of smooth and sandblasted is an option.

 Types of finishing 

We have 3 options with the materials as we show here:

Vintage look

This is the most popular finishing. The patina we use, makes the metal darker to create the vintage look. 


This silver background is the basic color of the material, what's very shiny. Also in brass and copper color possible. 


A print on a (part of) the label is possible in all kind of colors and multiple colors.

Crafts - Wood smooth and sandblasted.jpg__PID:1b9d25af-df07-436c-be3b-ea07c513bb71


The backside is sanblasted here and the embossed part is smooth. You can sandblast the whole badge or a part of it.

Choose your shape

Basic shapes 

Shapes as a rectangle, round and a square are the standard shapes. Therefore we don't need a special cutting mold. 

Die-cut shape

When you want to cut-out the label in the shape of your logo, it's possible! We make a special die-cut mold for you for 40 euro's (one-time, ex VAT) 

How to apply to your product?

The 3mm hard badges can be applied to wood, metal, plastic and even textiles and leather. We have 3 options with the materials as we show here:

Crafts - Metal - screw holes hard badge.jpg__PID:f895966d-26db-4c6a-b256-a47f85ef14f4


We can make screw holes in any desired location in the desired size to make it suitable for your application.

House & decoration - Garden - 3M sticker to apply.jpg__PID:966d26db-ec6a-4256-a47f-85ef14f4edc2

Sticker 3M strong glue

The 3M sticker on the back has a strong adhesive force.

Lapel pins with butterfly clutch.jpg__PID:f51bc2f2-87e3-4113-8ed0-ef3ce421431b

Butterfly clutch

With the butterfly clutch the hard badge can be attached to soft surfaces such as textile and leather.

Order proces

Order online or ask us for a quote and free mockup

After the order, we work together on the final design, until it meets your satisfaction

4-5 weeks production time

Express shipping, ensuring it reaches you promptly

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