Schild inc and Dynamo retail group join forces

Schild inc and Dynamo retail group join forces

On January 17, 2024, Schild inc and the Dynamo retail group officially entered into a collaboration regarding the supply of metal (mudguard) labels.

Under the Dynamo retail group, there were well-known formulas that were merged into one large entity, Bike Totaal. A total of approximately 840 stores are affiliated under the franchise formula or the Dynamo retail service purchasing organization, spread across the countries Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

As of the writing of this article (mid-May 2024), all Bike Totaal stores (franchisees) have been supplied with the metal labels from Schild inc. These labels are used as mudguard labels, displaying not only "Bike Totaal" but also the store name and location.

In the meantime, we also see that many stores from the Dynamo retail service purchasing organization are utilizing the services of Schild inc. This includes the expansion of their branding with regards to a leather keychain.

Schild inc and the bicycle industry

Since its inception, the bicycle industry has been one of the most important sectors for Schild inc. Schild inc supplies both to the stores, which are often looking for a beautiful and sustainable way to brand their store name on the bicycles.

Various bicycle brands such as Azor, BCB, Lugano en Bikkel bikes use the metal labels from Schild inc.

In addition to bicycle stores, various bicycle brands also use Schild inc labels to brand their mark on the headset or frame.

"We are very proud of the collaboration with Dynamo retail group. The bicycle industry is close to our hearts, and the collaboration is going very smoothly. Our loyal customers greatly appreciate our labels," said Debby van der Kuijl, director of Schild inc.

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