Metal Labels with Your Own Logo: How to Go About It!

Metal Labels with Your Own Logo: How to Go About It!

Metal Labels with Your Own Logo: How to Go About It!

In the realm of product packaging, the label plays a crucial role. It's not only functional but also serves as a powerful marketing tool. While traditional paper labels remain the norm, there's a growing trend towards more striking and sustainable options. One of these emerging choices is the use of metal labels, and in this blog, we'll explore how to create a stunning label using metal labels from

1. Choose the Right Metal

The first thing to consider when creating a metal label is the type of metal. From stainless steel to brass, each metal has its own unique appearance and properties. For example, stainless steel offers a modern and sleek look, while brass has a more classic and luxurious appearance.

Below are some examples in a vintage finish:

And various modern printed variants:

steal door labels metal.JPG__PID:5d8399a9-59af-4101-90bb-ba6fe34aa4aa

2. Design with Durability in Mind

Metal labels are more durable than paper labels and can last longer. If you want your label to be indestructible, it's advisable to work with a 2 or 3 mm thick label, also known as the metal badge. Metal badges are not flexible. However, they can be produced at a certain angle, allowing you to attach this product to a round surface. If this angle isn't always fixed (for example, if you want to stick the metal label on various types of bicycle fenders), it's recommended to use 1mm thick metal labels.


Hard metal badge with curvature Hard metal badge without curvature

The various metal options of the 1mm thickness also have different hardness levels. Tin, for example, is a soft metal, especially when compared to a copper or brass variant. If you intend to use your label on a non-flat surface, we use a stronger adhesive for the copper and brass variants to ensure that the edges don't lift and remain neatly attached.

3. Play with Finishes

Metal labels offer a wide range of finishing options. You can opt for a polished finish for a glossy look, which we call the "Glossy" variant, or a brushed finish for a more vintage look. If you prefer a more modern appearance, the printed variant is a popular choice.

Actually, all metal labels from Schild inc are embossed for extra dimension. Curious about how this production process works? Check out our production video here.

4. Keep the Design Simple and Clear

Because metal labels have a luxurious appearance, it's often beneficial to keep the design simple and clear. Avoid excessive text and graphic elements. Too many details may also not be technically feasible, as embossing requires a minimum of 2 mm.

Example of simplistic design and Example of more details

5. Invest in Professional Production

Having metal labels made is a specialized craft. Therefore, it's important to invest in a professional manufacturer. We have the expertise and technology to produce high-quality metal labels that meet all your requirements. Whether you need 250 pieces or 25,000 pieces!

With these tips, you can create a stunning label. Whether you want to create a luxurious look for your product or simply seek a more sustainable option, metal labels offer countless possibilities for creativity and style.

Need help with your design?

We create a label design in consultation with you, usually based on your existing logo. That's actually standard procedure. Want to create something different from your logo? Inquire about the possibilities of using our designers for your design.
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