Luxury Labels for High-Quality Products Made in Europe

Luxury Labels for High-Quality Products Made in Europe

In the luxury packaging sector, luxury product labels for packaging play a crucial role, not only as a functional element but also as a powerful marketing tool. While paper labels remain common, custom metal labels are increasingly standing out for their durability and refined aesthetics. Today, we explore how you can create your own high-end product labels in Europe together with Schild inc, Schild inc’s production of metal labels are based in Europe. It's all about craftsmanship and innovation!

1. Choose the Ideal Metal

The first step in creating a custom metal label is selecting the appropriate metal. In Europe, brass, aluminum, copper, and tin are popular choices for their aesthetic and durable qualities. Brass offers a classic and luxurious touch, ideal for high-end items. Aluminum is lightweight and strong, perfect for modern designs. Copper adds unique visual richness with its warm tones, while tin combines durability and timeless charm, perfect for spirits and luxury products.

Examples of finishes:

Brass for a vintage look         Tin for a classic and elegant effect


 Aluminum for a lightweight and durable finish / Copper for a shiny appearance and a touch of elegance


2. Durable and Elegant Design

Luxury product labels for packaging offer unmatched robustness, but it is crucial to design with durability in mind. For a truly durable label, opt for a 3 mm thickness, creating a rigid and durable metal badge. Metal badges, while not flexible, can be shaped to fit curved surfaces, adding an extra dimension to your products.

Thickness Variants:

3 mm Label: Ideal for flat surfaces, offering maximum strength.

Aluminum Metal Badge            Copper Metal Badge


1 mm Label: Perfect for slightly curved surfaces, ensuring flexibility and durability

Tin Metal Label                       Brass Metal Label



3. Varied Finishes for Visual Impact

Custom metal labels allow for an infinite variety of finishes to suit your brand’s identity. A polished finish offers a shiny look, while a smooth and sanded finish creates an elegant vintage effect. Printed variants also allow for advanced customization, ideal for modern and colorful designs.

Finish Options:

Glossy                        Smooth and Sandblasted                    Printed



4. Professional European Production

In Europe, we are market leaders, and Schild Inc is proud to guarantee you superior quality labels. Investing with us ensures not only exceptional quality but also continuous support throughout the production process.



High-end product labels made in Europe offer an unparalleled combination of durability, elegance, and sophistication. By choosing the right metal, you can create luxury product labels for packaging that enhance your product’s image and captivate your customers. Embrace European art and craftsmanship to give your high-quality products the label they deserve.

Would you like to create your own luxury labels for high-quality products made in Europe? Then do not hesitate to contact us!

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