Enhance Your Cosmetic Products with Metal Labels: The Choice of Excellence

Enhance Your Cosmetic Products with Metal Labels: The Choice of Excellence

To truly elevate your cosmetic products, it's important to consider every detail to stand out and attract consumers' attention. One of the most effective ways to add a touch of luxury and refinement to your products is by using custom metal labels for cosmetics. At Schild Inc., our metal labels not only provide aesthetic value but also reinforce your brand's image of quality and prestige. Let’s explore how our custom luxury metal labels can enhance your cosmetic products.

1. Customization: The key element of your branding

 At Schild Inc., we understand that each brand has its unique identity and needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of custom metal labels for cosmetic products. Brass metal labels lend a luxurious touch to your cosmetic products while maintaining a classic and elegant look. Copper labels provide a vintage aspect with light and durable finishes on your cosmetic products.

These labels will perfectly complement:
- Your skincare products (cream, makeup, beauty mask)

- Your hygiene products (Perfume bottle, etc.)

- Your hair care products (hair maintenance products, styling products, etc.).

Brass 1 mm Metal Label:                    Copper 1 mm Metal Label:


Perfume bottle label                          Cosmetic product label

2. High-Quality Production and Finishes

At Schild Inc, we manufacture custom metal labels with extreme precision. Every step is carefully executed to guarantee perfect results. Quality is our top priority, and we ensure our labels meet your highest expectations. Whether it’s a finish for a brilliant shine or a smooth and matte effect, each is chosen to enhance your cosmetic products.

3. Label Ideas to Enhance Your Cosmetic Products

Whether you are a professional makeup artist, a barber, or an esthetician, let us enter your world with our metal labels to add a unique and luxurious touch to your products. These custom metal labels will enhance your products with your own style, whether you prefer a vintage look, a classic and elegant appearance, or a light and durable finish. This is possible thanks to artisanal craftsmanship. This will allow you to elevate your brand and best satisfy your customers.

You can find some ideas of our metal labels on our customers' cosmetic products:


4. Learn More About Us

At Schild Inc, environmental impact is a concept we hold dear, and we do our utmost to address it. That’s why the durability and quality of our metal labels are important concepts for us to best meet your expectations and needs in this regard.
Here are our environmental contributions:

  • Recycling: We can recycle the residual product of 1 mm metal labels
  • European Production: Our main production is in Europe
  • Durability: We have made every effort to ensure our labels are resistant and long-lasting in the face of weather conditions


Custom metal labels for cosmetic products offer not only durability and resistance to the elements but also an undeniable sophistication to your products. By investing in luxury metal labels for cosmetics with Schild Inc., you attract the attention of discerning consumers and elevate the perceived quality of your products. Choose excellence and let your cosmetic products shine with custom metal labels.

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