Discover how metal labels for woodworker can enhance your furniture

Discover how metal labels for woodworker can enhance your furniture

In the world of furniture, every detail counts in creating a unique and memorable experience. A label is not just a functional addition but represents the signature of your brand and reflects the essence of your style. At Schild Inc, we are experts in creating custom metal labels for furniture that elevate the appearance of your pieces and convey a message of quality and sophistication. Here's how our personalized furniture labels can enhance your creations.

1. Customization: the soul of your design

One of the greatest advantages of choosing custom metal labels for furniture is the ability to create something unique. This customization allows each label to be tailored to your specific vision and can transform an ordinary piece into a distinctive piece of furniture that tells a story. To strengthen your brand recognition, we can recommend labels with distinctive elements such as our embossed finishes.


2. Durable and aesthetic design

Metal labels for your furniture offer unmatched durability, far surpassing paper or plastic options. Our custom metal furniture labels are not just identifiers, they are storytelling tools that convey the story of your brand. Let us guide you in choosing your labels.

The 1 mm metal labels are thin and flexible, adding charm and luxury to your furniture. Their flexibility allows you to attach them to curved surfaces.

Tin                                                                    Copper



The 2-3 mm metal badges are robust and timeless, adding a dimension of solidity and prestige to your furniture. Note: They are not suitable for curved surfaces.

Brass                                                 Zinc Alloy


3. Labels as a branding tool and their integration into your furniture

At Schild Inc, we understand that each label is an extension of your brand. Our custom metal labels for furniture are not just identifiers, they are storytelling tools that narrate your brand’s story. Each label we create is designed to capture the essence of your brand and create a lasting impression. The integration of metal labels into your furniture can be done in several ways. You can attach them to drawers, cabinet doors, or even on the legs of furniture.

4. Why chose us?

Schild Inc is a company that manufactures high-quality, custom-made metal labels. With artisanal expertise, we can meet your most specific needs and enhance the visibility and uniqueness of your brand.


Custom metal labels for furniture from Schild Inc are more than an addition, they offer a unique opportunity to enhance and personalize your creations. Whether you are a furniture professional or a passionate amateur, explore the endless possibilities that our luxury metal labels for furniture offer and transform your pieces into unique and memorable works of art. Add that final touch that makes all the difference and let your furniture shine with elegance and style.

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