Custom signet ring
Custom signet ring
Custom signet ring
Custom signet ring
Custom signet ring
Custom signet ring
Custom signet ring
Custom signet ring

Custom signet ring


Crafted with care from high-quality 925K sterling silver or gold plated. Each ring is custom-made and your unique logo always takes center stage. The 925K sterling silver ensures durability and timeless elegance, making it a cherished keepsake for years to come. With a micron coating of 0.5 pure gold on the gold plated rings, the color will be protected. 

Personalized with your logo, the family crest or coat of Arms, also engraved is possible. 

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Personalized Rings in many variants

We have different options with the materials and customizing your ring as we show here:

Gold plated

Make a statement with this personalized ring adorned with gold plating

Gold plated with micron 

We add a coating of 0.5 gram pure gold on the outside of the ring for a durable color

Silver one side

High-quality ring of 925K sterling silver that ensures durability and timeless elegance

Option 3 sides

We can customize the rings in all materials on 3 sides also

How to measure the size of the ring?

Check out this instruction video.

Order proces

Order online or ask us for a quote and free mockup

After the order, we work together on the final design, until it meets your satisfaction

4-5 weeks production time

Express shipping, ensuring it reaches you promptly

It's a craft

Schild metal labels are made by man and woman. By hand, together with modern machinery.
You want to know our secret? We add our hart and soul to create a perfect looking and high quality product for big and small business owners. 

10-15 Steps to make a perfect label. See it yourself in our production movie.
3.35 min.  


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Custom rings

Get your family, association or business logo on this personalized ring!